At Wild Smoked we like to concentrate on a few speciality products to ensure that we give them our full attention so that they can be truly stand-out amazing.

Smoked Line Caught Cornish Mackerel

This little delicacy is our signature product and we will openly admit that it’s our favourite. Cured with sea salt and demerara sugar, cold smoked, then hot smoked and packaged with hand sliced lemon and freshly ground black pepper.

Smoked Sea TrouT

At Wild Smoked we favour smoking sea trout over salmon. Smoked sea trout is quite simply – better. It just is.

And we feel good about smoking it because although it’s a farmed fish, the wild Sea Trout stocks are healthy and thriving.

14 Hour smoked Newlyn Haddock

Cured with sea salt, dried and then cold smoked overnight to produce this classic ingredient of so many of our most wonderful dishes. Our haddock will make the finest kedgeree or fish pie. Or just poach it gently in white and cream until it flakes under gentle pressure.

24 Hour Smoked Butterflied Cornish Sardines

Cornwall’s answer to the kipper as a delectable breakfast dish. Pan fried for 30 seconds each side and placed artfully on a wedge of hot buttered sourdough toast, a fine creamy sauce and sprig of parsley to complete. These sardines can be found on the menu of some of the finest restaurants in Cornwall.

Smoked Gressingham Duck Breast

The Gressingham duck has the perfect meat to fat ratio and is so flavourful.

Cured in the usual sea salt and demerara sugar, cold smoked for 12 hours and then hot smoked to provide a ‘slice and go’ starter or salad that will have your guests wondering when you did that professional cooking course.

Smoked Free Range Chicken Breast

Like the duck, cured and cold smoked, then hot smoked to make a “ready to go” delicacy.

A Chicken Caesar Salad with our smoked chicken breast… the ultimate summer Sunday salad.