At Wild Smoked we reject artificial preservatives and synthetic cures in favour of natural, healthy and traditional curing and smoking methods.

Humans have used smoke to preserve food for thousands of years, and we are proud to carry on in the original spirit of the craft.

We smoke over a combination of Oak and Beech, not only because they impart a wonderful flavour to our food, but also because they are both native and sustainable hardwoods.

We cure in real sea salt, unrefined demerara sugar and pure Cornish spring water – and the clean, honest flavours never fail shine through and impress our customers.

Every batch is produced from start to finish by our master smoker, Ross, and every stage of production is done by hand. Each line-caught, smoked mackerel fillet – for example – undergoes seven processes: it is caught, filleted, cured, dried, cold smoked, hot smoked, and packaged…all by hand. There are no conveyer belts and no automation in the Wild Smoked smokehouse. All of our products are made by real people who take great care and pride in what they’re creating.